Ministry Van

Replacement Needed

RED ALERT!! Ministry van replacement needed after 10 years! All in one day on May 22, 2022 the engine, the transmission and the air conditioning compressor went out at 187,000 miles on this vehicle.

Thank you for any "special gift" toward this needed ministry van:

  • A 1 ton, V8, 6.3 litre van

  • A 12 passenger bench seats

  • A towing package

  • A low-mileage used or new

  • White with windows

These are some of the ways it has been used....

  • Taken native youth teams to over 60+ tribes (3 teams this summer had to be postponed)

  • Carried refugees to community resources and churches (not able to do this presently)

  • Responded to disasters from hurricanes, tornadoes and COVID-19 in remote areas (reduced team to 4)

  • Mobilized cultural Christian outreaches (also reduced ability)

  • Facilitated exchange students involvement in church and service activities

PROGRESS: As of 6/17/22

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