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Step 1:  Choose Your Topic(s)
HOPE Response in.....

Loss, Pain and Grief


Family Love

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LEVEL I: Awareness
"Hear the HOPE Story"

This a time that you would have us to come and speak with your gathering about "The HOPE Story" through Jesus Christ. The HOPE Response shows you all the connection points between Christ's life that guide us through a clear plan that gives a HOPE Response to our loss, pain and grief or family love relationships that can lead to faith. How we can become HOPE Responders in our life and gatherings!
LEVEL 2: Discover
"Discover Your HOPE Story"
LEVEL 3: Training
"Share the HOPE Story"
LEVEL 4: Certified
"Train a HOPE Responder"
LEVEL 5: Speaker
"Inspire a HOPE Story"
LEVEL 6: Vocation
"Blend the HOPE Response in vocation"
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HOPE Response, Inc. Headquarters

6548 East 5th Street, Scottsdale, AZ  85251

Phone: 480/238-5240, 480/593-0120



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LEVEL 6: Vocation

"Blend the HOPE Response in vocation"