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A HOPE Response to Loss, Pain and Grief!
HOPE Story Told
"Story of Monica"


      Stabbed 17 times, buried still breathing beside the creek, a victim of partner abuse only months after finishing rehab and glad to begin life anew.  Found 4 days later and you can only imagine the horror of her parents called upon to identify her body that was long past the well known features of their beloved daughter!  Why God?  

Disaster Response
Resources for HOPE Responders
"HOPE Response to Life's Challenges"


     What happens when we feel at our lowest point? Does anybody care? We can get run down living life with all of the expectations and responsibilities that come along with it. How do we respond? We should look to the one who made us, our Father God who knows us best. He is always there to lift us up in Christ Jesus. Ask Him today to help you.


     “I dwell in the high and holy place, and also with him who is of contrite and lowly spirit, and to revive the spirit of the lowly.” Isaiah 57:15b ESV 

​Trainings Available

Level 1:  Awareness: Hear the HOPE Story

Level 2:  Discover: Learn your HOPE Story

Level 3:  Training: Share the HOPE Story

Level 4:  Certified: Train a HOPE Responder

Level 5:  Speaker: Inspire a HOPE Story

Level 6:  Vocation: Blend the HOPE Story                                             with your vocation

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