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Make a difference now...

  • Design a Family Project

  • Do a VBS Drive

  • Plan a Youth Group Event

  • Make "Spring Cleaning" a gift

  • Remodel with a purpose

  • Get involved personally

  • Women's Ministry Outreach

  • Yard/Garage Sale Hunting

  • Pass-it-On Planning

  • Hand-me-down's where most needed

  • Fruit tree and produce overage

  • Just because you can......

Schedule a delivery...
Why is this needed...
  • Refugees needing help

  • Homes burnt down

  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers need help

  • Unemployed

  • Disabled


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- Shampoo*

- Soap

- Toothcare

- Toilet Paper

- Washcloths

-  Brush/Combs

-  Deoderant

- Towels *



- Laundry Detergent*

- Dish Soap*

- Sponges/Washcloths

- Mop/Broom

- Dish Towels

- Silverware/Napkins

- Dishes

- Large Pots/Pans (Stock pots or roaster pans)

- Carpet Remnants/Floor Rugs

- Microwave

- Iron



- TV (Serves like a babysitter and language teacher, since not comfortable with kids out alone or in the heat)

- Toys (Balls, games, cards, toys and bicycles)*

- Blankets*

- Craft Kits for Teenagers (beads, crochet, sewing, etc.)

- Coloring Books and Colors

- Diapers/Wipies

- Stroller*



- Bicycles (prefer this for father to get around, preferred over bus passes)

- Laptop (Job applications and able to use translator functions or learn English, etc)

- Mattresses*  (Any size)

- Table and Chairs

- Sofas and Coffee Table

- Dressers

- English-learning tools and opportunities

- Houses available for rent around $950/month



- English tutors

- City Navigation Assistance (learning roads, bus system, etc)

- Hospitality experiences (invite a family to your home for a meal or event)

- Anyone willing to take to appointments, parks for kids, etc.

DONATION LIST (if pop-ups not enabled on your computer then here is the list.)

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