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Around The World in Phoenix

$ 200

This is a missions outreach experience that never leaves the city of Phoenix!  Did you know that right here in our city we have the opportunity to reach out to the world.  Immigrants, refugees, and exchange students from every continent and even people from Burma, Sudan, Russia and Syria.  A team will engage in many aspects of sharing Christ in word and deed to all ages, from children to elders. Available several times thoughout the year as teams are formed. It will be an unforgettable and eye-opening experience!

Southwest Mission Trip

$ 600

This is a regional mission trip available right here in the Southwest in which you can plan for your group to be involved in ministry among any of the 23 tribes here in Arizona.  Each tribe is unique in its culture and expression of faith with needs that differ from one to another.  It will allow your group to experience doing the ministry while personally growing in their knowledge of Jesus Christ and how to have a HOPE Response! We will tailor this to the time available and the desired outreach of the skill and gift sets of your group.

Disaster HOPE Response Trips

$ 2200 (varies on conditions)

This is a trip being planned to be HOPE Responders to those in disasters who have suffered from the earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, volcanoes, famine and even war.  First Responders go in and provide relief but our goal as HOPE Responders is to help those who have survived in dealing with the emotional trauma and spiritual searching that takes place after.  Team members will have a focus area of doing this with gatherings that are best able to provide a chance to heal and have support.  If this is of interest to you and you want to be considered for the team then please contact us.  Upcoming trips under consideration after volcanoes in Guatemala and Hawaii, or the earthquakes in Mexico, Japan, and Fiji.

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