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Electronic Funds Transfers

Call about ways you can transfer funds automatically from your checking, savings or a trust account.


Here are the steps:

STEP 1:  Call us to receive by phone our company Account and Routing Number OR complete a form for us to do it for you with your account information.

STEP 2:  Contact your bank for instructions in setting up the transfer.

STEP 3:  Indicate the amount you would like deducted with each gift and how often.  (One time, monthly, quarterly or annually)

STEP 4:  Specify the day of the month that you would like this done.

STEP 5:  Email us to let us know when it should be active so we can confirm it for you.

Why do EFT?
  • Personal control of your account information and giving commitments

  • No costs or lower cost to making your gift

  • Able to choose the best time of the month for your gift to be deducted from your account

  • Reliability for those depending on you!

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Success! Message received.

You will receive a receipt within 7 days for your tax-deductible gift to HOPE Response, Inc. a 501c3 faith based, charitable, and not for profit organization.  Thank you for your gift!

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