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Afghan Asylees

Afghanistan's Asylum is "standing by our word."

Afghans fleeing the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021 caused tens of thousands of Afghans to flee, often by taking desperate measures. Many of these helped serve alongside of our own US troops that were there for almost 20 years. They arrived at military bases where they lived for almost 3 months being vetted and resettlement arrangements being made. Most of them coming with only the clothes that were on their backs.

Many of them that we have seen transitioned from a military base to a community such as here in Phoenix have shared stories of great fear, persecution and control. Some being torn apart from families that got split inadvertently with the frenzy of loading cargo plans with hundreds. Professional people like doctors, teachers, engineers and more chose giving up all of that just for life and freedom. Much had begun to thrive while occupied by the US, with many flourishing projects done like schools built and women educated as physicians. Yet now those that remain know that women and girls will not only be kept from education but from working or even travel without a man.

Hope Response has welcomed these settled here in Phoenix, AZ Our times with them have been to give them many of the household items and clothes that were needed for life through donations of many believers. Many of the children receiving back packs with school supplies and art supplies or toys for renewing a since of childhood after living with war. The story of Christ as the "Lamb of God" has been shared over and over. Teachers were helped to get their fingerprinting and para educator tests done so that they could begin to at least work as teacher assistants until certified. Physicians were helped to get into EMT or paramedic training so that they could put to use their great trauma experience from all that they did with our medical teams to heal our soldiers. Men and youth were given bicycles to help them get to work soon and women were signed up for WIC to get care for their babies. Women are being taught to drive and learn about interactions with their children's schools. Connections were made with churches and community resources for them to feel a part of their new community. All done with the name of Jesus Christ ever on our lips!

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