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COVID Navajo Crisis

COVID-19 Crisis Support

The Navajo Nation was hit by the COVID-19 to a crisis level with many multi-generational families experiencing several deaths within one home. Pastors were among the many who went on to be with their Lord leaving whole congregations without the support they were in need of during this critical time.

Yet among those remaining there was felt not only the invitation but the plea to help in their great time of need. Their grief was so deep and their resources were limited with the vast distances of those living on the reservation. No longer able to drive to work, not able to sell their crafts or foods, and quarantined in small spaces with their large families far from access to care grew their desperation.

Hope Response was among those that responded! Donation drives were enacted with the collection of water, sanitation supplies, food items, clothing, blankets, winter wear, school supplies and more. There were devotionals and pamphlets with each box dropped before a house to give the hope of Christ. A mass phone calling campaign was initiated to check on families to connect with resources specificially needed. An outdoor tent meeting was held for as many pastors that remained to learn how to be first responders or actually "Hope Responders" in such a time as this based on stages in the disaster model and Scriptural encouragement. There 58 pastors sat through 5 hours of in-depth training, seated 6 feet apart, with masks after having temperatures checked.

Ministry has been ongoing through all the stages clear to now helping to restore pastors lost and building a stronger disaster plan through a well-organized alliance of churches. Grief kits were supplied with access to emotional and spiritual support in coping with the many losses. Even as recently as August, President Nez began to identify the strengths that came out of their great crisis in that families came back together, a household priesthood was renewed, resources were increased with immediate accessibility, preventions were implemented with stronger networks.

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