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Hurricane - Abaco Islands

Bahamas Abaco Islands

Hurricane Dorian hit Abaco Island September 1, 2019, an extremely powerful Category 5 hurricane, which became the most intense tropical cyclone and strongest landfall on record to strike the Bahamas. It is also regarded as the worst natural disaster in The Bahamas' recorded history and hit September 1, 2019. In the face of their overwhelming loss and need, they were hit again with the Pandemic! Teams were withdrawn and evacuation forced like a final death blow was aimed at them directlyThen nearby….a series of tragic events intersects with Abaco’s rebuilding. How? · July 7, 2021 The president of Haiti, was assassinated in his home. · August 14, 2021 at 8:30 am, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the south-western coast of Haiti

causing large-scale damage killing more than 2000 people with mass fleeing. · September 17, 2021 thousands of Haitian migrants appear on Texas border and are not permitted

entry to the USA. · October 16, 2021 kidnapped 17 missionaries

Marsh Harbour “Ground Zero” of the city, the very center of commerce was hit! Two years later…. Thousands returning! Even a “royal” visit just last week on March 26 -- God’s stirs hope!

Treasure cay “The MUDD” and “PEAS” were areas of poor Haitian shanties leveled in the center. No way to flee, so they scavaged the debris to rebuild on “the Farm.”

Man-o-war Cay From a shipwreck in the 1800’s came this designed town of the Albury family grown famous as shipbuilders, sailmakers, and seafarers. Now... heartbreak and loss endured again with 3 resilient churches!

“Hope Responder” team | April 23 – may 3, 2022 | pray!

Pray for the team in these ways: 1. Teaching the Bible’s Hope Response to Loss, Pain and Grief to rebuilders. 2. Door-to-Door reception and safety in the 3 areas of the city center,“Farm” of Haitian illegals, and shipbuilders. 3. Souls to be saved who were made ready by the storm they survived. 4. Puppet connection with hurting kids to learn of God’s presence in pain. 5. Healing and help through spiritual warfare prayer and His Word. 6. Encouragement to local churches and members in their endurance. H

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