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War - Ukraine

Preparing "Hope Response" Trip

A "Hope Response" Team will be going to respond to Ukrainian refugees in Eastern Europe and displaced persons in Western Ukraine September 19 - October 20, 2022.

On February 24, 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine and as of 7/16/22 there have been 5.2 million refugees who have fled the Ukraine with 80% are women and 40% are minors, even more unaccompanied minors than ever before. There remained 7 million displaced persons remaining within Ukraine but remaining near a border to allow for visitation of their husbands or fathers required to remain to battle for their freedom. The hope was that it would be over soon but now it is almost 6 months past onset.

Hope Response has connected here with UkraineAZ and efforts through the Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Church and Ukrainian National Women's League to help support efforts from the USA. That has included getting medical supplies in backpacks to ship over by American Ukrainians here who know first hand accounts from extended family and friends as to the dire need. We have welcomed refugees rescued through resettlement programs such as United by Ukraine. We have participated in prayer vigils for the living who face the fight for their freedom, struggle in new area to learn languages and continue life separated from their home and men. We have grieved in memorial services for the lost and the cost on surviving family members with increased PTSD and substance abuse.

We ask you to pray for our team as we come alongside those responding to unprecedented influx of people in need. As with many disasters, after impact you see great community cohesion for which Eastern Europe has been exemplary above and beyond even their own pasts to extend themselves with even individual families taking in refugees to their personal homes. Yet it has not come to an end as perhaps with a natural disaster wherein one can begin rebuilding immediately. There is no end in view at present. Resources and people are being stretched thin. It is during this season of "disillusionment" that we hope to be used of God.

Please join us in prayer and follow our Facebook posts for updates along this itinerary.

9/19- 9/25 MUNICH, GERMANY "Sister city of Kiev- 700,000 registered refugees"

9/26-9/27 VIENNA, AUSTRIA "A refugee complex on outskirts of the city."

9/28-10/2 BUDAPEST, HUNGARY "Ukraine pastors ministering to their refugees."

10/3-10/5 SATU MARE, ROMANIA "Orphanages reach out to unaccompanied minors."

10/6-10/9 MUKACHEVO, UKRAINE "Church as refugee center to displaced persons."

10/10-11 PRZEMYSL, POLAND "Transit border town to refugees and soldiers."

10/12-14 KRAKOW, POLAND "Close to 4 million came and United for Ukraine"

10/15-16 KOSICE, SLOVAKIA "First Lady Biden visited in June spotlights efforts."

10/17-18 BUDAPEST, HUNGARY "Share ministries and needs with local Christians."

10/19-20 MUNICH, GERMANY "Return Travels of team members facilitated"

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