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A legacy that lives on.... is set into motion by the RESPONSES that we make!
Everyone leaves a legacy, but what kind do we want to leave? 

     Our story may include loss, pain, and grief or broken relationships yet those who have been rescued and given HOPE want to make a way clear for those who come behind them.  If Christ has changed your life, you can plan ahead to invest in bringing HOPE!  Or families can gift the memory of their lost loved one to giving life to others through the HOPE Response, in place of fading flowers that give beauty for a moment.

Psalm 107:2 "Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he has redeemed from the hand of the enemy"


Benefits of Bequest Gifts
  • Receive an estate tax charitable deduction

  • Lessen the burden of taxes on your family.

  • Leave a lasting legacy that matters to you!

How Do You Make a Bequest?

      First, talk to an advisor that you trust to give you advice and tell you the best way and                   language to use to accomplish your goals.

      Second, decide what kind of gift that you would like to make to HOPE Response, Inc.

      Third, make the adjustments you want in your will or trust detailing your gift to be made                 to your family, friends and HOPE Response, Inc.


What type of bequest gifts can be given?
  • Gift of a specific dollar amount or a tangible asset.

  • Gift of a percentage of your estate.

  • Gift from the balance or residue of your estate.

  • Gift from your Retirement or IRA assets

**Making a Bequest of Your Retirement Assets

A retirement asset, such as an IRA or a 401(k) account, makes an excellent bequest to HOPE Response, Inc. If the retirement assets are given to your family, much of the value may be lost through estate, income and IRD taxes. By designating  HOPE Response, Inc. as the beneficiary of all or part of your IRA (using a beneficiary designation form provided by your account administrator), the full value of the gift is transferred tax-free at your death and your estate receives an estate tax charitable deduction.

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Let us know your story!

     Share your story with us as to what led you to leave this legacy so we might make it known.

Memorial Fund

Helping loved ones leave a "living" legacy!

With a Memorial Fund, you can direct loved ones to give a gift that you feel honors the loss of a loved one and by doing so leaves a living legacy– this is often welcomed in lieu of flowers, especially when family has been left behind who needs help or as a way to donate to charity in honor of the deceased.


Your memorial fund will be a created page that also provides a home base to update friends and family about funeral activities and what they can do to help. Your site can include pictures, a video, or written account of their HOPE story that honors the person or testimonials about the person; everything you need to comprehensively share their story and ensure they are remembered they way they would want to be!

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